An informal wedding venue

Here at Geilsland we also offer wedding packages.
A wedding is the biggest party you're going th throw with all your favourite people, so you don't want it to just last the afternoon. This way its more personal and you are able to make it last as long as possible.

Party Packages

Your event will be as unique as possible with you being the one in charge! Being able to make your event personalised and have individual personalities shining through in all the delightful handmade touches.
The main thing is that your event is personal and successful.

Celebrate here at Geilsland Estate

Are you a creative person looking to be as hands on with your celebration as possible?

Geilsland Estate is a blank canvas and can be decorated how you like. Do-it-yourself events are so in right now.. Many people are attempting to do the whole thing from scratch and others, just add a few small touches and details to make the event feel more personal. You decide!

Wedding Party Accommodation

You get much more control over the running of the day and the whole experience that your guests have.

Want the party to start a little earlier of a little later then why not book our on site accommodation?