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Embrace the Magic of Nature Play; Where Adventure Unfolds!

Details at a glance:

Tots sessions (aged 0 – 5) every Tuesday from 9:30am – 1pm at Beith Astro.

All aged adventurers session (any ages) every Friday from 9:30am – 1pm at Beith Astro.

Welcome to our Nature Play weekly sessions – a gateway to uninhibited exploration, creativity, and pure childhood joy!

nature play

In a world filled with screens and schedules, Nature Play emerges as a breath of fresh air, an invitation to reconnect with the beauty and simplicity of the natural world. Every Tuesday from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM, tots (aged 0-5 years) dive into a realm of discovery, followed by all-aged adventurers on Fridays during the same time slot. Set against the backdrop of nature’s beauty, these sessions are a sanctuary for growth, learning, and pure fun.

At Nature Play, the possibilities are as limitless as the great outdoors. From arts and crafts that celebrate the beauty of nature to the sheer delight of muddy play, every session brings a new adventure. Outdoor games let imaginations run wild, child-led exploration fosters independence and creativity, and the atmosphere resonates with the sound of carefree laughter.

These sessions are a celebration of curiosity and childlike wonder. Amidst rustling leaves and sun-dappled paths, children have the freedom to follow their interests, whether it’s creating woodland art, building natural structures, or simply revelling in the pure joy of unstructured play. It’s a reminder that the world is their canvas, waiting to be painted with their boundless imaginations.


As the little ones explore, parents are invited to savour moments of peace. With a warm cuppa in hand, they can watch their children thrive in this natural wonderland. Nature Play is a gift to the community, designed to inspire a connection with nature and one another. Every family is welcome to join – there are no barriers, no prerequisites. The sessions are free for everyone to attend, a gesture of inclusivity that encourages families to come together in the spirit of play and exploration.

While the sessions are open to all, donations are warmly appreciated. These contributions help nurture the growth of this enchanting initiative, ensuring that the magic of Nature Play continues to touch the lives of generations to come.

Nature Play is more than a weekly session – it’s an invitation to explore, connect, and rediscover the world in its most natural and beautiful form. Join us as we celebrate the magic of childhood and the enchantment of the great outdoors. There’s a world of adventure waiting – come, embrace it, and let the joy of nature play set your heart free.

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